Fighting for Kicks

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Savage Life (10/21/16): Today was decent for my first day in S. I. (special incarceration).  Only because I had court today.  I saw a lot of females on the walk through the jail to the criminal courts building.  One co bitch was so bad I wanted to pull my dick out and clap her ass, but decided against it.  I’m already in the hole for a clap ticket plus I got starting a riot ticket pending from yesterday. Yeah I got busy! 

But be4 I tell you about that let me finish about today.  Once I finally got to my bullpen I was told my judge finally terminated my probation case.  I’m fighting a murder now but that charge caused a vop to my original case delivery to a narc.  I’ve been on probation for 27 months whole time only three months was from when I was out there.  Then I caught this 91.  Now would think I’ll be happy about this termination of my probation but I’m not.  Well I am but I’m not.  Only reason I’m not happy about it because now I only have 1 court date which means no more extra traffic! Damn ima miss catchin niggas on the new, finessing me some drugs or some shoes.  

Speakin of shoes, I came up on some retro 13’s Jordans.  Black and Gray.  Whole time though the co’s wouldn’t let me keep them.  I got wild for a second.  Scaring them how Ima buss up and they not getting shit.  Then they brought the camera out and was getting deeper and deeper.  So I gave in like a bitch and gave dude his shoes back.  Now that would’ve blew my socks off.

I mean my whole day would’ve went down hill if I hadn’t ran into one of my homies from the block.  I ain’t seen him in years!  It was all love when I did see him in my bull pen.  I chop it up with him decent by refusing to leave when they first called my name.  Fuck that I’m chillin with bro.  We exchange some numbers and passed some info.  Damn it felt good to see a face from my everyday life before jail.  It’s like being in a foreign country for weeks months years then you just bump into a family member.  It will instantly bring joy to your life to see someone familiar in a land full of strangers.

HW: This was really eye-opening to me…the fact that you would want to have court dates, because it’s your only way of escaping life in jail. This is a dumb way to put it, but it kinda sounds like going to market: you get the chance to pick stuff up from the outside and see new faces (and friendly old faces).  Question: do you get to wear your own shoes in jail?  Like would you have been able to actually wear the Jordans. 

Honestly, I don’t really understand the hype surrounding shoes—I know some people are all about collecting them, and I really don’t get it, lol.  I’m definitely not the stereotypical girl—I’m not all that obsessed with shoes (which, I mean, I probably have too many shoes even without being obsessed with them).  So yeah I don’t know if I’d ever freak out over shoes.  But I have to imagine it’s more the fact that they forced you to give them up. (Also: VOP: violation of probation)

SL:  The jail now take your shoes and give you some state shoes.  Thin as hell but we max so they don’t trip in our Division if you have real shoes other divisions care.  And yes it’s all the fact these lame ass officers made me give em up when nobody else cares.