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About HW // SL

Dahvie is a Chicago savage locked up in Cook County Jail.  Victoria is a Navy wife trying to write a book.  They write letters back and forth.  On the surface, Housewife // Savagelife is a place where our contrasting worlds meet and our bold ideas collide.  It’s sometimes serious, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes blatantly ridiculous.  We’ll talk about family, love, race, the evils of vacuuming, and Dahvie’s delectable recipe for jail wine.

But that’s not what this is about. Yes, it’s true, Dahvie and Victoria will be presenting our raw thoughts (consider yourself warned).  But at the core, this blog is about listening, and listening completely.  It’s about two people who have committed to try to understand each other.  Even when we don’t agree, we’re going to work to not judge and ask tons of question (a ton).   And hell, if we have some fun along the way, awesome.


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Encounter (Read IT Here)

Victoria: It's not every day a conservative housewife meets a Chicago savage (made even more difficult by the fact that he’s in, well, prison).  And it's basically unicorn status that they'd start a blog.  For those interested in unicorn hunting (or really mother-in-laws, crying over wedding favors, and two people working towards trust) here's how it happened:

We owe this blog to a mother-in-law-slash-second-grade-teacher.  Mrs. Christina kept little elementary school Dahvie in line, and I'm the longsuffering daughter-in-law.  Kidding aside, she’s probably the closest thing to a saint that Dahvie or I will ever meet (we’ll be referring to her in the blog as Mrs. Christina, but we probably should just call her St. Christina).

Years after Dahvie was in her class, Mrs. Christina found Dahvie on Facebook and started writing him letters, which she continued to do when he was in jail.  

Read more about our encounter at: "A Housewife Encounters the Savagelife."





Hipster, white, middle-class, Catholic, conservative millennial.  Studied Spanish, Psych & Creative Writing (in other words, unemployment) at Washington & Lee University. 

Former youth minister, Navy wife, new mom, nerd-glasses-wearing, and aspiring triathlete (but still building up to my first mile).


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Savagelife // Dahvie


I’m a powerful, down to earth black man. I’m an opportunist and I’m very opinionated.  Right now I’m fightin a murder charge in Cook County Department of Corrections.  I’m a convicted felon for carrying guns.  My life has not been easy.   I sell drugs and I have low respect for rules or the police. 

However, I’m a smart individual with a lot of potential plus I know a lot more than the average.  I believe my wisdom is beyond my years. So it’s safe to say I’m a people person and I love to help people.  I’m passionate in everything I do. But still I like chaos and confusion.

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